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Pharmacist Formulated for quality you can trust(tm)

Hi, I'm Barry Pressman. As a registered pharmacist, I met so many people concerned about the ingredients in nutritional supplements, I felt it was important to personally formulate a brand everyone could trust, PharmaPure Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs.
Trustworthy formulas require superior ingredients and higher standards.
Why is "pharmacist-formulated" so distinctive? Many supplements are trend-driven, and arbitrarily created by marketing departments just to meet that temporary demand. PharmaPure is pharmacist-formulated because no other health-care professional understands more about the way our bodies absorb and use ingested supplements and medicines.

I use only the finest ingredients in our sixty-plus PharmaPure formulas. And because vitamins and herbs are not classified as drugs, the FDA imposes standards established only for the food industry. Most brands adhere merely to FDA standards because it's all that's required. We electively exceed minimum requirements and ensure compliance with self-imposed high standards by producing every product in our tightly controlled, drug-licensed manufacturing facility. It's why PharmaPure is effective, and why it's trusted.

Browse through our products by health condition (left menu), or by vitamin category (right menu). There is a PharmaPure formula that meets your needs, that works, and you can afford.

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