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Weight Management Formulas

PharmaPure® is at the cutting edge of weight management dietary products. We offer five unique products that can maximize your weight control depending on your specific needs! If you want to stop your sugar cravings, try Sugar Blocker™. If you desire a comprehensive daily regimen, we suggest the day and night program of our Weight Management System. Metabolink II is a triple-action energy formula, ThermoStak™ is formulated for maximum fat-burning activity, and Energy & Diet Formula is the ultimate body fat reducer.†

Take PharmaPure weight management formulas with confidence. All of our formulas are ephedra-free.

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The Complete Weight Loss Formula with Hoodia

Our ephedra-free TrimSuccess product contains Hoodia Gordonii Cactus, a natural appetite suppressant, plus metabolic boosters like Green Tea Extract, Chromium and Vanadium. This special formula also includes carb craving ingredients like Citrus Naringin and Glucomannan. Lose the weight and keep it off! Compare and save to TrimSpa®

60 Tablets
List No. 54558

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Sugar Blocker™
Willpower in a bottle!

  • Stops Sugar Cravings
  • Helps Eliminate Excess Body Fat
  • Helps Block Sugar Absorption
  • Diabetic-Friendly

Our all-natural Sugar BlockerTM can help (1) block the absorption of sugars from the foods you eat -- even foods with hidden sugars, to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels for all-day energy, and controlled appetite. Sugar Blocker also helps (2) prevent fat production by increasing insulin efficiency (insulin is the primary fat-storing hormone, and excess sugar consumption promotes its fat-storing potential). And by promoting healthy blood sugar, Sugar Blocker can help (3) prevent increased appetite and the "carbohydrate spiral syndrome" (carbohydrate binging without any reduction in appetite). Sugar Blocker is Ephedra-Free.

To learn more about Sugar Blocker™, click here

90 Caplets
List No. 79066

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Metabolink II™
Compares to Metabolife 356™ but with these features:

  • Ephedra-Free
  • Fat-Binding Chitosan
  • Natural Safe & Effective Weight Management

Ephedra-Free MetaboLink II is a triple-action formula that boosts energy while reducing hunger without the jitters. MetaboLink II burns calories and boosts energy naturally, but without Ephedra (ma huang). Designed to promote weight loss in a safe, natural and effective manner, MetaboLink II is a blend of herbal and dietary ingredients that produces the body actions necessary to sustain long-term weight loss.

MetaboLink II's triple-action process:

  • Increases Metabolism - Gives you the metabolic edge to burn more calories while at rest
  • Reduces Hunger - Prevents against appetite and hunger pangs
  • Boosts Energy Levels - Provides energy to stay active and alert

To learn more about MetaboLink II, click here

90 Count
List No. 69373

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Weight Management System
PharmaPure's Weight Management System Helps Increase Your Body's Fat-Burning Potential-Day & Night!
Our Weight Management System is a Day & Night program that helps activate body processes that favor the use of fat for energy -- even during rest. By working synergistically with the body, Weight Management System provides an easy and practical way of losing weight without drastic changes to lifestyle or severe restriction of food intake.


  • Two-Part Day & Night Program (2 different bottles) to help curb appetite and reduce cravings for sweets and fatty foods:
    • Daytime HERBAL COMPLEX supplement elevates metabolism and energy levels.
    • Nighttime ACTIVE BOOSTER supplement activates metabolism during rest without keeping you awake --24 hour fat burning potential!

Weight Management System is:

  • Ephedra-Free—no jittery side effects.
  • Safe, Gentle & Effective—no drugs or artificial additives
  • Helps Cut Cravings—reduces appetite for sweets and fatty foods
  • Increases Metabolic Rate—to burn fat more efficiently

To learn more about Weight Management System, click here

30 Day Supply
List No. 62154

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The Ephedra-Free Formula for Maximum Fat-Burning Potential. Enjoy ThermoStak’s powerful fat-burning action for rapid weight loss. Acts in a similar way as Stacker 2®, but without Ephedra, and at only a fraction of the price! Our proprietary blend of herbs and extracts provides an effective thermogenic effect that maximizes your fat burning potential. You’ll enjoy the results!

100 Capsules
List No. 55559

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Stacker2 is a registered trademark of NVE Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Energy & Diet Formula
The Metabolic Advantage You Need to Lose Weight. As part of a diet low in saturated fat and sugar along with a sensible exercise regimen, Energy & Diet Formula can help initiate the fat-burning cascade that promotes weight loss through the reduction of body fat. We have combined a proprietary blend of amino acids and herbal extracts with key vitamins and minerals to accelerate fat reduction. And like all of our supplements, it’s Ephedra-Free! Compare and save versus ephedra-free Xenedrine EFX®.

120 Capsules
List No. 55673

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Xenedrine EFX is a registered trademark of Cytodyne.

†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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